College Application Essay Writing with Start-to-Finish Guidance

I cover all aspects of college, transfer, prep school,  graduate school, scholarship, and medical school application essay writing, from brainstorming to completion.

This includes Common Application, supplemental essays (including how to write "Why This College" essays), and essays required by schools not on the Common Application.

Identification of Each Student's Strengths
I get to know each student. One of the first things I do is to learn about each student's unique qualities and point of view. During  a series of fun brainstorming exercises students begin to answer essential questions, including, "What makes me unique?" "What are my strengths?" "What are my interests and values?" and "How do I best convey who I am to the college?"

Correct Topic Choice
Once I understand the student's accomplishments, life experiences, and personal viewpoint, I  can guide him or her to  the best possible college essay topic and then through a successful writing experience.

Writing Technique
I teach my students the storytelling techniques they need to know to create an interesting, compelling, and memorable  essay. They learn how to capture and hold a reader's attention, craft interesting sentences, make good word choices, and end strongly. 

Individual Attention

Not all students work at the same level. Some students may need more help gaining insight into the stories they have to tell; others may need help organizing thoughts or choosing the right words. I identify problem areas so they can craft an excellent essay.

Proven Results
The result is a unique, compelling and well-written essay that represents the student in the best possible light, and one that is sure to be noticed.  Click here for a list of my students' college acceptances.

Additional Benefits:
    •    Less Family Stress. Parents don't need to be the "essay police." I take on that responsibility. 
    •    Pride of Ownership. The student is always the writer. I don't write any part of the essay.
I Work with You at Any Stage of the Process. If you need support through only a part of the process, let me know. I assist at any point, whether it's helping brainstorm a topic, sending comments on a draft, or doing a final proof.  


Where Do We Meet?
I work in-person, over the phone, by Skype, FaceTime, and email, depending on your location and preference.

I use Google docs, which allows me  to view and make changes on the same document as the student in real time (no special software needed). During a session I can immediately see if the student needs clarification or additional suggestions.

International Students

I work with students around the world. International students might be interested in my article, "Writing College Admissions Essays — An International Student's Guide," published by i-studentglobal.

Essay Coaching Fees
 •  Sessions are billed at an hourly rate. Please contact me for more information.


If you'd like feedback on an essay that's already been written or is nearing completion, consider an Essay Review.

An Essay Review is an excellent choice if: 

  • You'd like an experienced and objective opinion about your essay's impact.

  • You aren't sure if it's the best topic.

  • It doesn't quite sound like your student.

  • You'd like suggestions on writing technique.

  • You're working on a limited budget.

I'll carefully review your essay for topic choice, content, story-telling ability, structure, grammar, and spelling. My detailed comments include: 

  • An overview of the essay's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Specific, paragraph-by-paragraph suggestions for ways to improve the essay.

  • At least 2 pages of returned comments.

Parent Testimonial

I was delighted when a student's dad wrote to me after he received his son's Essay Review: "Thank you very much. This is tremendous feedback, well above and beyond my expectations."

This is from a student who applied to nursing school: "Thank you for all your help! It has made all the difference for my essays and ability to write about myself. "

Essay Review Fees

•    Up to 650 words: $185.  Over 650 words: $225

•    Written comments on a follow-up draft: $75.

An essay review is a one-time service.

Additional Editing Services

Final Proofreading

$50. This is a "light" round of edits: proofreading and  polishing for typos, errors in punctuation, grammar choice, etc., and flagging obvious weaknesses. For essays 650 words and under. For longer essays, additional charges apply.

General Writing Tutoring

For high school and college students who need extra help to organize thoughts, create outlines, structure an essay, improve writing skills and word choice. I also  have experience—and enjoy working with— students with learning differences. Billed at my hourly rate. (Please contact me.)

Free Essay Consultation
If your son or daughter has written an essay and you're wondering if it needs additional attention, send it to me. I'll let you know if it's headed in the right direction, free of charge. (Please note that a free consultation is not an essay review.)


College, Grad School, Prep School, Transfer, Scholarship Essays

Essay Writing Services:

Individual Tutoring. One-on-one guidance through any or all of the essay writing process.

Essay Review. A great option to consider if you're looking for feedback on an essay that's already been written or is nearing completion.

General Writing Tutoring. For high school and college students who need extra writing help.

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